Fellowship recipient from MCIE makes research trip to India and Europe

Gurpreet Bhatia, recipient of the 2018 VET International Practitioner Fellowship, and Head of Department- Hospitality and Business Management, MCIE, recently travelled to India and Europe as part of his Fellowship. Aimed at identifying and introducing industry best practices from different training organisations in other countries, the Fellowship is awarded by the International Specialised Skills Institute [...]

For Students: DIY Cooking for Yourself

Living alone or with someone has its advantages and disadvantages. For students, living within dorms or have a roommate, it’s definitely a challenge, especially when you and your roommate have different tastes in design, the way things are done, and of course, food. Definitely, the easiest choice is to do takeouts. Not only does it […]


The Common Cooking Myths Debunked for Students

Many people love to cook and eat or do both. While many share the same love for cooking, their level of technique is what sets them apart. Some learned to cook from their parents, while some honed their cooking through self-help books and have continuously improved their technique over time. For those who are working […]


Cooking Safety Tips for Students

In everything we do, safety is always the top priority. Whether going to school or work, people must be aware of the safety policies within the building and within the organisation. In regards to safety, cooking is no exception. You don’t need to become the best cook in the neighbourhood or the world to know […]


How to Cook with Hot Pots like a Pro

Professionals and students alike find it hard to whip up home-cooked meals here and there. Take for example career students. They are facing a budget constraint where their meals are limited to home-cooked meals or purchase food from the cheapest takeaways. When it comes to home cooked meals or Do-It-Yourself meals, hot pots are a […]


Tips to Reduce Food Wastage for Students

Around the world, there are already an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes or one-third of the food produced for human consumption every year that only goes to waste, with fruits and vegetables, along with roots and tubers, as the highest in wastage rates. In Australia alone, there is already around 4 million tonnes of food wastage […]


Top 10 Student Bars in Melbourne

Looking for a great place to unwind after classes or somewhere to chill out with friends on the weekend? Well, we have handpicked the Top 10 Student Bars to explore in Melbourne to get you started!   10. Corkman Irish Pub If you’re missing the mother country or you’re just a fan of St Paddy’s, [...]

MasterChef – Myth or Reality Live Debate

Our panel of Top Chefs & Industry Experts debate whether the glamour of MasterChef is a myth or reality. Plus, the audience may ask any questions about the Hospitality Industry.   When is the Debate & Q&A? Saturday 25th of June 2016 at the Reinvent Your Career Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre   Who [...]

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