The aged care industry is facing a revolution, with the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care ushering in many changes to the sector on every level. The industry is in need of many new qualified workers, and that means there are lots of opportunities available, no matter your education level.

Australia is facing an ageing population and a rapidly growing demand for better quality care for some of our most vulnerable citizens. And this demand reflects a worldwide trend. As a qualified Aged Care worker, your skills can take you overseas and lead you to find success beyond your own borders. If you’re someone looking for a stable and secure sector to establish your career in, the Aged Care sector might be for you. With many positions and roles available as well as high career mobility, Aged Care is an exciting industry with tremendous opportunities for you!

What do Aged Care workers do?

What your day looks like will vary depending on your workplace. You may work in an aged care home or residence and be responsible for helping the residents with their daily care. There are also Aged Care workers who specialise in in-home care, working directly in people’s homes to help them maintain independence and high quality of life. In addition, there are also coordinating roles and program leading roles that deliver specialised or targeted care for the health, leisure, or wellbeing of the elderly participants.

Aged Care often involves a lot of personalised care, and what you face day to day might be very different. Sometimes providing care is as simple as chatting to a resident about their family, or as complicated as helping with physical therapy after a medical procedure. A job in Aged Care is ideal for someone who loves being generally helpful and is confident in taking the initiative to provide care.

What do I need to work in Aged Care?

How do I get there?

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