If you’re looking for a career that could ensure you’d have a great employment stability almost anywhere in Australia, or could even see you jet-setting around the world visiting some of the most coveted tourist destinations, then perhaps it’s time to consider a career in hospitality.

There’s more to a hospitality career than you might have considered, so want to know just what’s possible? Here’s some insight.


Hospitality Offers Career Variety

There are not many industries that offer the variety of career opportunities that hospitality does. No matter what your interests or passions, there are job roles that are likely to suit you. With reported skills shortages in the hospitality industry, there are opportunities for those willing to chase them. If you’re passionate about customer service then working in front of house for a hotel, could be the beginning of a career that sees you managing some of the world’s most exclusive hotels. Perhaps you enjoy working with food? Then possibilities abound in everything from working as part of the wait staff crew, perhaps as a kitchen assistant, right through to cookery and becoming a chef. Bar work, management, house staff, there are so many career options. You could be working anywhere from the local café, world class restaurants, a small local motel to the world’s most exclusive Hilton chain.


Travel Benefits When Working in Hospitality

Whether you want to travel throughout Australia or the world, if you’ve got skills in hospitality then you’ve got a skillset that can help you to obtain work almost anywhere. Think of all the places you’d like to visit and then all the restaurants, motels, cafes and even conference venues that exist. All of these businesses need skilled hospitality staff, and if you’re willing to spend some time working, then you can spend your time off exploring and enjoying the destination. What a way to see some amazing destinations and get paid for it along the way.


A Career Full of Flexibility

Don’t want to be chained to the 9-5? Perhaps you’re a night owl, or like the flexibility of choosing different shift hours to suit your current life circumstance. The great thing about the hospitality industry is that it operates extended hours in comparison to an office job for example. If you’re a parent who needs to work when your partner is available to watch the children then working night shift might be a bonus for you, and hospitality offers plenty of opportunity for that. Similarly, if you’re looking to work a second job to save extra money, then hospitality offers a range of positions that are available night and day, or mornings and evenings, or any combination of rostered hours.


Career Advancement Opportunities

Hospitality is a career that offers advancement when you’re good at what you do. It’s important to get off to the right start by undertaking a hospitality course from a respected organisation; this will ensure your skills are some of the best in the industry. Hard work, initiative and a keen attitude combined with great training are at the core of a successful career, and if you’re willing to do your best, in a job you’ll love then there’s an abundance of businesses based on hospitality that need great managers to ensure their business remains successful.

So, if you dream of job security, flexibility, variety and the ability to have a career that can take you to wonderful destinations worldwide, then hospitality may just be the career you’ve been looking for.

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