Our panel of Top Chefs & Industry Experts debate whether the glamour of MasterChef is a myth or reality. Plus, the audience may ask any questions about the Hospitality Industry.


When is the Debate & Q&A? Saturday 25th of June 2016 at the Reinvent Your Career Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Who should attend? Anyone wanting to enter or progress in the Hospitality Industry – maybe you want to become a Chef, open a restaurant or upskill to better your career and are already in the Industry – this is for you.



Team 1 believes that MasterChef is a myth. The media and the TV do not give the right picture to the general public and that there is alot going on behind the scenes, which is neither glamorous nor visible to the people who are not from the industry.




Team 2 proposes that programs such as Masterchef bring the chefs profession into the lime light. We are also able to attract talent into the Hospitality Industry. The drama behind the scene is exposed to the general public and allows a glimpse of hardship in producing amazing food.


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