Looking for a great place to unwind after classes or somewhere to chill out with friends on the weekend? Well, we have handpicked the Top 10 Student Bars to explore in Melbourne to get you started!


10. Corkman Irish Pub

If you’re missing the mother country or you’re just a fan of St Paddy’s, the Corkman Irish Pub is the perfect place to grab a pint and enjoy some traditional food. It’s across the road from the Melbourne Uni campus and students can take advantage of the great deals on Thursday night.


9. Shaw Davey Slum

‘Slummin’ it’ has never been this good. You can find this rooftop bar in Carlton’s busy Elgin street just down the road from Melbourne University. Known for great burgers and cheap drinks, it won’t take long until your calling this place home.


8. Tsubu Bar

You can’t get much closer to the University of Melbourne than being on campus. This Japanese style bar has been a catering to students for years so they know what you need. With local and imported beers at great prices, it’s the perfect side to your dumplings or noodles.

7. Howler

This warehouse bar is easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for but once inside, you won’t forget it. Nestled in trendy Brunswick, this venue hosts big names and great specials. Head in early Friday night and grab free sliders with any drink. Free? Sounds perfect for a student.


6. Lion Bar

Challenge your friends to a few rounds of pool and enjoy some of the international beers on tap at the Lion Bar right in the middle of the city.  With American themed food like wings and ribs, it’s the great place to meet friends any night of the week and share food a feast.


5. Penny Black

With plenty of share plates for under $10, Penny Black is perfect to bring a hungry crew. Catch a tram to Sydney road in Brunswick to visit this punk-inspired bar to see a live show or to chill in the beer garden. The extra-long happy hour will help keep the money in your pocket as well.


4. Back Alley Sally

Down an unassuming laneway in Footscray is the neon-filled bar, Back Alley Sally. With local beer and located about a Spice Girls themed pizza place (yes, I’m serious, it’s called ‘Slice Girls) you can quench your thirst and grab something to eat. You won’t ‘wannabe’ anywhere else (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)


3. The Hawthorn Hotel

After a hard day at Swinburn, you don’t need to travel far to find some great value and fantastic food at the Hawthorn Hotel. Tuesday is the perfect day for students with $5 pizza, cheap drinks and DJs, your mid-week entertainment is sorted.


2. Bimbo Deluxe

It’s not the closest place to many campuses but it is worth going out of your way for, Bimbos is a student institution right in the middle of trendy Brunswick Street. With house made flavoured vodkas and beers, and fantastic pizzas for under $10, this place is easy for the wallet despite its upmarket location.


1. Asian Beer Café

Don’t let the name fool you, this place has way more than just delicious Asian food. Head to level 3 of Melbourne Central for a great night out or some serious meals. Share the famous giant parma with a mate or choose something from the ‘cheap eats’ menu and you’ll still have plenty of leftover money for their daily drinks specials.


So, there’s our top 10, did we leave somewhere out? Let us know in the comments below.

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