“I have learned lots of useful units. My course will help me achieve my career goal of becoming a caretaker”

says Young Wang, a Student of Certificate III in Aged Course. Under the mentorship of an experienced trainer and by selecting the comprehensive course, Mr. Wang will soon start working as a professional caretaker.

Taking up a career in Aged Care is not just a professional choice. A person who is caring for the elderly must be kind, patient, and passionate towards individuals. This upcoming industry is a great space to be in. The aged care profession is a fulfilling job as well as a rewarding vocation.

What is the job profile of an Aged Care Worker?

Aged care work is about working as a healthcare assistant and compassionate caregiving. He or she must offer personalized support and deal with empathy in aged care. From residential care facilities to nursing homes, a graduate from MCIE will be proficient in dealing with the elderly. The work of aged care personnel is to facilitate communication between care services, the client and the client’s family.

In Australia, the health care industry is struggling with aged care staff shortage. As a result, the new agreement on overseas aged care workers brings thriving opportunities especially for international students.

MCIE Learning: Personal Stories and Successes

MCIE & Aged Care Courses:

Certificate III In Individual Support:

Facilitate the empowerment of older people and support elders with dementia. Training is provided to meet personal support needs, build relationships with carers and offer community support services.

A graduate can work as a Personal Aged Care Worker, Accommodation Support Worker and an In-Home Respite Worker. 7 core units and 6 elective units are a part of this program. In this regard, MCIE offers Certificate III in Individual Support, the basic course that has to be completed.


Certificate IV In Aging Support:

For better and faster professional development in aged care, Certificate IV in Ageing Support is the next level.

There are Individual Support courses that train a person to work with people from diverse backgrounds and offer training in preventing infections as well as basic medical training.

From residential care facilities to nursing homes, a graduate from MCIE will be proficient in dealing with old people. Training to facilitate communication between care services, the client and the client’s family is also provided.

Moreover, there are other basic eligibility criteria as well. They are as follows:

● An aspiring carer cannot be insolvent or bankrupt.
● A person can only work as a carer if he or she has a clean criminal record.
● A person who wishes to be an aged care worker must be of sound mind and have good cognitive skills.

What Is the Average Pay of An Aged Care Worker?

At the beginning of your aged care career, an aged care worker is paid $21.96 per hour.
However, the average pay for a fresher or an experienced worker would be $1265 per week.

Australia has a population that is rapidly ageing. According to a report made public by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of Australians aged 85 and over will increase by over 250% by 2051. The government is investing heavily to take care of the ageing population. Therefore, employment opportunities in career growth in elderly care are bound to increase.

To build a meaningful career in caregiving, Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) offers courses for international students who wish to work as aged care workers. Opting for MCIE courses means you get hands-on skills through training that’s relevant to the industry. With skilled teachers and a dedication to helping students succeed, MCIE is the key to kickstarting a fulfilling career in Melbourne’s aged care sector. 

Take a step toward your future with MCIE, where education opens doors to opportunities.

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