How to Find Your Calling – Tips for Uncovering Your Best Career Path!

Article by Loreena Walsh   You’re hungry for more and you want to live life on your terms. You want to be a living example of never “working” another day in your life because you’ve found your calling and are excelling in a career you love, right? The problem? You’re not quite sure what to […]


5 Tips to Get the Perfect Job!

There are few things on this planet that are worse than having a terrible job. Actually, make that nothing. Who wants to be somewhere that they can’t stand, day in, day out? If you don’t want to end twisted, bitter and purposely breaking your arm so you don’t have to go to the office in […]


Plan for Success in 2014

Don’t have the same boring ol’ year all over again… If you’ve had the same job, same housing, same debts, same pay, same issues and same sponge for goodness sake, for the last couple of years, things really, really need to change. Here’s how to plan for success in 2014, and get it. Determine what […]


The Art of Writing ‘This Person is Amazing’ Cover Letter

  A cover letter is even more important than a resume, because it’s what gets your employer to look at your resume. If your cover is long, boring to read and doesn’t outline some critical factors, then you might as well not even bother applying! Tell them why you would be a perfect fit for […]


Get That Job! Writing the Perfect Resume

Resume writing sounds a whole lot easier than what it actually is. You’re selling yourself in the most attractive way possible on a mere sheet of paper, two if you lucky enough to entice them to turn the page. Here are 10 fail safe tips to make sure that your future employee keeps turning: 1. […]


Skill Shortage in Australia Opens Doors

[divider scroll_text=””] According to recent studies, there is an ever growing demand for skilled employees & managers in the Childcare & Hospitality industry. [divider scroll_text=””]   These industries have seen a surge in demand, in particular, childcare; A new report into children in childcare across Australia for the 2012 September quarter shows that for the […]


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