In the world of social media marketing, organization is key when it comes to knowing your resources to be able to market continuously. With organization comes time allocation, budgeting, creative planning and brand management.

Take, for example, business A is having a hard time finding clients during the winter break. But, its competitor Business B is getting traction on Twitter and Instagram. Business A begins to compare its digital marketing strategy to its competitor. Then, the magic question pops out: How did they do that? It just so happens that Business A is scattered all over the place; they had no control over its social media platforms, which included accounts that have nothing to do with their branding. Business B was able to get traction due to the fact that they knew that their target market is avid Twitter and Instagram users.

As a business, how will you be able to reach out to a wider audience with the use of social media? The first step is to get organised, and here are tips on how to approach social media marketing with a professional organization.


Pay attention to customers

Each customer has their own unique personality, meaning they move and think on their own. In connection to social media, they have their own preference for using what social media platform to communicate or search for businesses that sell what they want and need.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to understand what social media platforms that your customers or targeted market are using. You don’t need to use every social media platform out there to reach new customers. Don’t be like Business A; ask your customers on what social media platforms they regularly use and you’re good to go. This can be done through analytics tools, surveys, and online studies.


Take baby steps

Experts have said it; social media marketing is beneficial for the business. But, beware; it is beneficial only when used right.

As a business, it’s common to get overwhelmed with all the available social media platforms out there and their respective features. Each platform has different approaches on strategies such as generating brand awareness, driving sales, customer engagement, and more. You may think that spreading out across all platforms could get you the fastest traction, but this also could hamper your success. With your attention and resources spread thin across multiple social media, you may be getting less and less exposure.

It is advisable for business people to start with one or two social media platforms in order to build up those properties first, before expanding into other platforms.

The secret is to take baby steps in social media marketing. Target one goal at a time in order to achieve better results. Ask yourself: “what is most important to you right now?” This will help you identify your priority, and then you can continue in honing your message.


Refine your message

One of the biggest mistakes a small business can make on social media is to talk about themselves and nothing else. An ideal content for social media business pages is to prepare content that would inspire, inform and delight the customers. It’s okay to promote your new products or services once in awhile, but remember to put in value into your content that would benefit your customers.


As a business owner, make sure to integrate your purpose on social media, which is to become a solution to your customers’ needs. The goal is to produce interest and gain the trust of your customers.

In addition, experts recommend the 80/20 rule when crafting a message. This rule divides the ratio on how long you should write about the solution than yourself, which is 80 per cent is how you can make their lives easier while the remaining 20 per cent is about the business.

Lastly, make sure to double check if the content you’re posting clearly reflects your brand. Social media is a powerful tool; so, make sure to utilise it and integrate a personalised brand experience for your audience. This is to make sure that your audience is experiencing your unique branding with social media, that acts as an extension of your business branding.


Allot time for social media

If you’re thinking that social media marketing is easy, well, better think again. Social media marketing is different than social media participation or what we do when we are on social media using our personal accounts.

Here’s a reminder: social media marketing takes time. In connection with the baby steps tip mentioned earlier, there are many paths to take and you can only focus on one at a time. But, always remember to become consistent. Yes, consistency is crucial in making a mark on your customers’ memory and interest.

It’s a must to become consistent in checking your social media feed, producing content, respond to customers’ queries, and so on. If you’re a small business and have no extra budget to hire a third party employee or team to handle this, then it’s your job and it’s your responsibility to make time for this.


Changes are required

Nothing is constant in this world, and social media is of no exception. Social media is notorious for the constant changes, making businesses to check their strategies now and then.

Fortunately, this change can be used to the business advantage. Businesses can always change their strategies when there are no conversion rates on the currently integrated strategy. This process is known to be a trial and error. Businesses must make time to analyse and adopt the changes in order to come up with better, well-targeted strategies on social media.


Learn the strategy

Social media, as a platform is known to also experience changes, such as trends and improvements. That’s why businesses should be in the loop to know about the latest changes and trends and how to take advantage of it. Social media for the business is complex and it’s better to understand it from experts. MCIE offers a social media marketing diploma in marketing that will help students in kickstarting their career in digital marketing and further develop their competitive edge online.

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